About Us

About Maroni

Maroni's Inception

During my university years, I discovered a strong interest for fashion during my free time, which I often spent online shopping and immersing myself in the world of fashion. This interest evolved into a deep dive into fashion history, garment construction, and the various eras and styles that have shaped clothing.

I noticed a strong fashion consciousness in Australia, which further fuelled my desire to design and create my own garments. I began experimenting with designs and eventually developed a roadmap to launch my own brand. After extensive sampling, I found a manufacturer whose quality matched my vision. With a team of designers, I focused on creating swim shorts that were not only fun but also suitable for a restaurant outing. My brand ethos revolves around quality, fit, and an element of fun in every piece. Looking ahead, I plan to expand into high-quality linen garments and eventually introduce women's and kids' clothing to the collection.

Embark on a Journey of Spontaneity and Style

Welcome to Maroni, where the allure of a carefree European summer converges with the vibrant spirit of Australian beaches. Our story unfolds not as a planned itinerary but as a celebration of spontaneity, exploration, and the joy of discovery.

Rooted in Wanderlust

Maroni was founded with a singular vision and a love for exploration. This brand is a testament to the magic that happens when one wanders without a plan. The journey led Maroni to the sun-kissed shores of the Amalfi Coast, Greek Islands, and Croatian Islands, stumbling upon hidden gems and creating memories that last a lifetime.

European Summer, Australian Vibes

Inspired by the clear waters, picturesque landscapes, and relaxed atmospheres of these European havens, Maroni brings you a collection that captures the essence of a carefree summer lifestyle. The designs fuse classic silhouettes with contemporary details, reflecting the vibrancy and joy experienced during coastal adventures.

Craftsmanship Beyond the Ordinary

Crafted with precision and an unwavering commitment to detail, Maroni swim shorts are more than beachwear; they are an embodiment of luxury and spontaneity. Made from recycled peach skin polyester, the material offers a soft, anti-stretch feel, ensuring comfort and durability. The brass aglets and zips exude a touch of opulence, showcasing our dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Distinctive Prints and Vibrant Details

At Maroni, we celebrate individuality through distinctive prints inspired by the beauty of the places we've explored. The fluorescent inner lining and brass details add an unexpected pop, turning each piece into a canvas of fun and sophistication.

A Sustainable Choice

Maroni believes in fashion that makes a positive impact. Our swim shorts, crafted from recycled materials, reflect a commitment to sustainability. Polyester's durability ensures that your Maroni shorts retain their vibrancy and shape, making them a long-lasting and eco-friendly choice.

Explore, Embrace, and Live the Maroni Way

Immerse yourself in the Maroni lifestyle. Whether you're strolling down cobblestone streets, enjoying a beachside dinner, or simply embracing the everyday moments, Maroni swim shorts are designed for every adventure.

Thank you for being a part of the Maroni story. Dive into the European summer, wherever you are.

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